What to expect...

The One Hour Advisor™ concept is based on being hired for a one-hour consultation to jumpstart the rebranding process or, at the very least, identify one great idea, change or problem. Consultation at the place of business or neutral meeting place for a compensation of $250 cash, paid in advance, no refund. No costs or fees added. Future consultations are often a result of this initial evaluation by hourly fee or by project fee.

One Hour Advisor™ offers a small business owner or entrepreneur a quick, reasonable access to an effective consultant who might identify something obvious to an outsider that can be rectified by this one small step of a low-cost, one-time advisory fee. It is a comfort level in consulting, no upfront crippling retainer or locked-in contract.

Ideally, e.g., a business owner will call with the basic information of location and type of business and possibly his/her concern in contacting One Hour Advisor™, having identified a problem needing a solution. Possibly, no problem has been identified, only the awareness that business is under-performing or a new business has not captured the intended market.

Prior to meeting, The One Hour Advisor™ will accomplish a combination of the following: book an appointment within 48 hours; research location, existing competition; possibly discreetly visit or interact with the business; review existing website, logos, basic branding in place, social media or advertising available to the general public; make inquiries of a general nature in the local business community and contacts of One Hour Advisor™.

One Hour Advisor™ will: come prepared for the consultation with background information; listen to concerns and information provided by owner/founder/partner; evaluate impressions and presentation of the business owner or director; and offer, identify new concept, change, or solution. Often it is something of a very practical nature, some common errors: ineffective logo, wrong marketing targets and demographics, location and spatial logistics, confusing business messages, or misplaced advertising dollars.

It is the target of One Hour Advisor™ to give the owner/founder/partner a solution or idea that will bring a return manyfold over the initial $250 fee by identifying the most visible problem area.

If there is a need or desire for more hours of consultation, One Hour Advisor™ can be hired at a set hourly rate of $100/hr., or set project, or revised hourly fee with a minimum of hours agreement. One Hour Advisor™ has a very talented team of professionals who can be retained directly while working in tandem or at the direction of One Hour Advisor™.


The One Hour Advisor™ will do the best to offer advice that will enhance your business, however, in no way, does the One Hour Advisor™ make any statement as to any legal, accounting, tax code, permit, or zoning information and would suggest contacting those professionals licensed, certified, and employed in the proper agencies for any specific information. The One Hour Advisor’s™ aim is to identify and direct inquiries and ideas for action by owners, partners, principals, individual entrepreneurs, not to make any statement as to future earnings or ensure any results or direct actions.