“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour,
whatever he does, whoever he is.”
C. S. Lewis

One Hour Advisor™ appeals to small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and artists who wish to distinguish themselves with a singular impact.

Hire The One Hour Advisor™

      ● to give direction to your ideas of a business concept or
         ● create ideas for a business concept or direction.
            ● concentrate on basics and fundamentals which are the fulcrum for any enterprise.

Often it’s the missing ingredient that is keeping you from successfully branding your business, but you’re too close to tag it.

Branding, the essential identity of your foundation, business, or art must be solid before tackling your marketing whether social media, networking, website, advertising or written materials. The One Hour Advisor™ with 30 years experience in business innovation and a talented team of specialists, will, among many aspects:

      ● address issues to build a greater return for your investment
         ● enhance the appeal of your brick & mortar site, spatial dynamics, lighting
            ● redesign and rewrite your sales tools, website, logo or mission statement
research your business or personal presentation, build a profile, evaluate personnel
                  ● tackle how to increase foot traffic, appeal to foot traffic and local demographics

The One Hour Advisor™ concept is innovative to the world of consulting contractors in offering a simple first-hour consultation for $250. with no contractual obligation. The goal in this hour is to identify a major weakness that keeps the business’s strengths from reaching profitable or desired objectives and offer a solution. Advance research and review of materials is included, in essence, you are receiving 30 yrs. of expertise and a minimum of 4 hours preparation for the one-hour consultation. Call 303.862.0705 or email jdelorca@onehouradvisor.com

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”
 Diogenes Laetius

One Hour Advisor™ brings to you a personal background in diverse fields of:

Real estate | law administration and research | “green” technology | hotels and resorts
news media | communication | travel industry | restaurants
retail operations | fashion | galleries | fine art | auction houses | art collectors
language tutoring | acculturation training | creative writing

The One Hour Advisor™ expects to be effective in working on the identified solution so that further
consultation will be important to you, on a per hour basis or a per project basis. No contract required. Consultation hourly: $100.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

Terms: One hour consultation at business site in greater Denver-Boulder- area: $250 cash in advance.
No contract – no commitment beyond one hour. No refunds. Call 303.862.0705 or email